Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Behold the power of... coconut oil???

I have a few friends who like to give me a hard time about my not so secret love affair with coconut oil. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. I was blessed with this horrid dry skin, complete with the arm bumps. I hated for my husband to rub my arms because I felt like he was thinking about how rough I was. I tried so many different things, all with ingredients I cannot even pretend to pronounce.

I had read about coconut oil via Pinterest and thought to myself what a hack that probably was. Then... I was pregnant with Boogie and my tummy was growing and itching and I was desperate for relief. Yikes I was going crazy!!! We had a huge jar in the pantry so I took just a little and rubbed it in. Sweet merciful relief! Oh I was ecstatic. Then I was putting it on everything... My hair, my feet, my back, my face... Oh yeah. I was addicted. It was like skin heroin but it was legal. Then I got the genius idea to just add it to my bath water. Oh that was even better!!!

Somehow with all of my raving about it, my husband gave it a try. Now he uses it more religiously than I do. He uses it as part of his hair regimen. You see, he is a greaser. He takes pride in that luscious head of hair. After we made him some super stiff hair pomade with coconut oil in it, he was super excited. He completes his look with a touch more oil for shine and let me tell you, he is handsome. He also has fewer problems with acne. Yeah... weird how something with oil in the title has acne fighters in it!

Coconut oil is one of the only things on the planet that can compete with boob juice for awesomeness. Makes sense, because it has the same anti fungal and anti bacterial ingredient in it as boob juice. That means it is safe for Boogie to use! Say what? Cradle cap? Not in the house!!! Stuffy nose? No way!!! Dry skin? Get outta town! Plus he smells like a beach and that makes me happy.

Guys... it repels mosquitos. It works as a sunblock. It helps fade stretch marks (or prevent them). You can eat it! It makes fantastic stir frys because it has such a high smoke point. Oh, and it is Healthy for you! You say no way! Bet me! It has a medium chain fatty acid that helps with cholesterol levels and weight loss! You can replace butter in some baked goods.
Yes. I have a not so secret love affair with coconut oil. But with all the love it gives to your body, inside and out, why wouldn't you love it back?

It is relatively affordable, considering all it can do for you! We buy 16 oz jars from Trader Joe's for 6 bucks, but Whole Foods has it, as do most grocery stores. Heck, Amazon has it. Just make sure you get organic, cold pressed, extra virgin. I promise you will love it. Do something to make you happy, inside and out.

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