Saturday, September 14, 2013

Go Go Gadget (free) Sunday!

As I sit here typing this post on my Kindle Fire and text  my husband and mom on my cell phone (hey, my mom is cool like that) I am reminded how blessed we are. My husband has his Xbox and his guitars and his iPhone. I have my Kindle Fire. My mom has umpteen million gadgets. Yet are we really actually connected to one another?

My mom lives about 4 hours away from me so we Skype on occasion. But the last time we were in the same room together engaging was 3 months ago. Granted it is because of the distance, but what about my husband and I? He works crazy hours so our daily conversations are rarely anything of importance. It's more "How was your day?" And "Man I am so tired." When we are home together, I have a tendency to get lost in my Kindle. What? It does everything! My husband will shoot strangers on Call of Duty or strum a few songs on his guitar. Our idea of spending time together is watching the episode of Sons of Anarchy we missed.

It was this realization that we aren't connected anymore that made me say enough is enough. Honestly, Facebook and pinterest can wait until Monday. Obsessing over my 5 blog readers (thanks you 5) can also wait until Monday. I remember when we would spend hours just laying together. Life got in the way of us. Well I am taking Us back. No phones, no kindled, no iPhones, no Xbox, and no guitars. Just the family, spending time together. Maybe we can go on a picnic. Maybe we can all take a nap together. Maybe we can build rockets out of cardboard boxes and fly to the moon. Whatever we do, no gadgets will be involved. Not even wiki how for the rocket building. And if we don't get around to watching that episode of Sons, that's okay, too.

Bring it on gadget free Sunday. I'm ready for you. What are some things you do to reconnect with your family?

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