Saturday, September 7, 2013

Semi-crunchy Parenting

I'm just gonna throw it out there... YES I breastfeed Boogie.  Am I one of those over the top "Latch On" mamas?  No... I won't rub it in your face if you formula feed your own Boogie.  Squirdle was formula fed.  I breastfeed because it's healthy, and it's cheap.  Is it easy?  No way!  You have to watch what you eat, how you sit, make sure you drink enough water, learn how to feed Boogie in public without him flashing all your lady goods to the general public.  No one wants to see a nursing booby.  Unless you are in to that sort of thing, and if you are, I'm not judging.  I prefer bubble baths and wine, myself, but to each their own.  Leaving Boogie with anyone other than me does require planning... and with that comes lots of worry!  What if what I pump isn't enough?  What if I'm gone longer than I plan to be?  What if he decides he likes a bottle better than a booby?  Yes, seriously, that thought has gone through my head.  And then I take a step back, and look at the situation.  If I didn't pump enough, oh well... there is formula at the house for that reason!  If I am gone longer than expected, oh well, there is formula at the house for that reason!  If he likes a bottle better than a booby, then I know the husband will be glad!  And my boobies get a slight break (aside from all that sexy pumping action you get to have with the Medela... ooh yeah, baby)

My other crunchy parenting item is cloth diapering.  I don't do it to be all hipster cool, or to be a 'better' mom than anyone else.  Do I want to be a better mom with Boogie than I was with Squirdle... well, sure.  I am older and wiser, now.  Hopefully, I learned from Squirdle!  Squirdle was Pampered up... yessiree!  Except, well, I am allergic to something or other in those Pampers and I got the old Zombie hand.  Yup... the skin on my hand was coming off.  It was disgusting.  Latex and Dawn dish soap do it to me, too... so weird.  So, with some research, I decided to cloth diaper.  I am not going to sugar coat it.  It takes work!  Honestly, if I didn't have allergies, Boogie would be Pampered up, too.  Oh, wait, no he wouldn't... he had an allergic reaction to Pampers wipes!  Thank you pesky chemicals!  Yes, it takes work to cloth diaper.  You have to make sure you have clean ones, and then you have to wash the dirty ones.  And you can't just throw them in with your other laundry... eww... there is baby poo on them!  But, really, I like cloth diapering.  I like knowing I won't have to run to the store at 2 am because he ran out of diapers.  I like watching them blow in the wind as they are being dried by the sun.  I like his fluffy little butt when he is wearing them.  But, mostly, I like NOT having a rash, and I am sure Boogie does too.

I think that's pretty much all of the 'crunchy parent' things.  I mean, I wear Boogie sometimes, but there is a lot to do and he is spoiled rotten.  I eat some organic items, but my whole pantry isn't full of them.  I do try to avoid processed foods and McDonald's, but sometimes (like every 5 years) a girl needs a Big Mac.  I try to use the right cleaning products, but nothing makes me happier than the smell of a really clean house. (Can you feel the toxins burning your lungs???)  I do limit his tv watching, and we take him on our daily work outs, but crunchy? Only halfway.  We are like Quaker chewy granola bars, not those hard as rocks Natures Valley ones.  Do I think everyone should be like us?  No way.  We are weird and we are okay with that.

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