Sunday, September 8, 2013

Epic Mommy Fail

Remember in the last post I talked about making sure you have enough clean diapers? Well... the reason is simple... babies are little poop monsters. Just when you think they are down to once a day deuce dropping, they waylay you with a quadruple number 2 day.  Add into that the ability to pee a whopping 7 gallons a pop and you are changing diapers more than Madonna changes her style. Yeah... Well this mommy wasn't expecting the grandiose amount of poo and now we are in defcon 3 over here. Hurry up washing machine!! Please don't poop Boogie! Typically I have different diapers I use at night. Mr. SuperPee really does a number at night. He is in one of those now and looking at me with total confusion as I pray the load of clean diapers dries before he has another poosplosion.  Prayers for a poop less afternoon would be much appreciated. I promise to plan my washing schedule better in the future!

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