Monday, September 9, 2013

Holy boob juice Batman!!!

If you have ever breast fed, you have probably worried about your supply, whether it be too much or too little. If you make too much, you lucky dog you! But if you are like me, you struggle to keep up... never mind pumping! There are lots of things you can do to help the process along, mother's milk tea, fenugreek pills, brewer's yeast capsules, increasing water intake, etc. You can go my route and opt for drinking a Guinness (yummy) or eating cookies! Yes, cookies! Dessert that helps your booby juice flow! I know. You have a screaming infant. You don't have time to bake some friggin cookies. Well, lucky for you, you don't even have to bake them yourself anymore! I have two lovely friends who started the business of baking cookies for you! You pick the flavor and they bake them and the cookies arrive on your doorstep, just waiting for you to sink your teeth into each milk producing bite. The best part is that each and every ingredient can be pronounced by people of all intelligence levels... and if you have a hankering for some random crazy flavor like lavender vanilla, my hippie friend Holly will give you what you want! I asked her for lemon blueberry and as soon as I pay her, I can shortly expect the cookies to arrive! They are currently shipping in the US and Canada, so my over the border friends, have no fear, milkmaids bakery is there!

You can find these tasty treats over at their stay shop here:

Go try them out! Hopefully they work as well for you as they have many mom friends of mine! Tell them I sent you! (Hey I'm working toward some free cookies here, Holly)

Canada friends, Ms evy would love to help you all out!!!

Stay tuned folks! There is no telling what hilarity will ensue in the squirdle boogie household!

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